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actual diary entry from when i was in 5th grade oh my god

“I’ve communicated with the person who says she wrote it, her name is Taylor Ruth and she is 20 now.” - East Bay Ray, via Facebook


actual diary entry from when i was in 5th grade oh my god

I’ve communicated with the person who says she wrote it, her name is Taylor Ruth and she is 20 now.” - East Bay Ray, via Facebook

"Being a teenage girl is not all about your fucked-up relationship with food or losing your virginity to the wrong boy. The strange and romantic world of female friendships, falling in love with science or art or music, the slow discovery of the things you’ll be passionate about for your whole life—these are the stories that are woefully absent from those shelves. I remember the first time I heard the Pixies, and Hüsker Dü, and Team Dresch, and the world split open and revealed itself to me. The first rock shows I ever went to—I think I still have the ticket stubs somewhere, that’s how momentous those occasions were. Or the first time I saw a Hal Hartley movie (Amateur, it was playing at MOMA, a glorious 35mm print) and I felt like suddenly I understood what a movie was, and what a movie could do. I spent my adolescence making things, zines and t-shirts and mix tapes and paintings, I was constantly covered in glitter and glue, always writing in my journal or sending someone a letter. And the terrible understanding that eventually I was going to be in charge of the whole operation—nutrition, bank accounts, my temper, my clothes. All of that is still imprinted on me somewhere—some of it is still happening—and it’s as important as any of the heartbreak and self-loathing and insecurity considered so typical of those years. And it would be nice if literature could recognize that the first two-thirds of my life were as valid an experience as, say, Holden Caulfield’s."

Chérie l’Ecrivain (Cristina Moracho), from “on Teenage Blood Running in Our Veins” (x)

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photos // the craft (1994) + jawbreaker (1999) + mean girls (2004)

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Reckless Chants #21: Now We Are 21 - available for preorder (zine will be completed and sent out by mid-October). $4.00 + shipping.

Between 68-76 pages (won’t be sure until all the writing and layout work is completed). 1/2 letter size.

Essays about punk/identity and punk as identity, the Persian Gulf War and how I developed my political consciousness, the 1980 film Times Square, the death of Tommy Ramone, and dealing with oppressive racist pseudo-punx/what to do when your heroes betray you. Stories about getting crushes on girls, growing up queer in a midwestern town, punk shows in Chicago and Kenosha, making out with girls at bars, diners, stick and poke tattoos, friendship, exploring the hidden places of Milwaukee, and the end of the summer. + an interview with Megan Ann Metcalf, curator of the recent LGBTQIA zine exhibit at UWM!


Also available for preorder - the Reckless Chants #21 Super Extra Fun Pack. $6.00 + shipping.

If you order the Super Extra Fun Pack, not only do you get a copy of RC 21 - you also receive buttons, stickers, a CD copy of the official Reckless Chants #21 soundtrack, and a few other fun odds n’ ends. It’s worth the extra two bucks, I promise.


All preorders will help me pay for the first print run. If you can’t preorder (or even if you can), it would be great if you could repost and signal boost this information! Thanks!

The zine will also be available for trade (to those of you who I’ve already talked about trading with - we’re still on, I’m just not putting it up for trade publicly yet) or for $$ sent by post, but not until I have completed and printed it. I’ll repost ordering info when that happens. It will also be available from me, in person, at Milwaukee Zine Fest on November 8th.

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Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY Resource for zines and zine culture (5th Edition) Kickstarter giveaway!

Since 2002 Stolen Sharpie Revolution has been the go-to resource for zines and zine culture. With over 21,000 copies in print, this book is poised to break the quarter-hundred-thousand copy barrier at least BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!

In celebration of the 5th edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution I’m having a giveaway! Here’s the deal.

There will be 3 winners!

Here’s what 3 lucky people will get:

  • 1 copy of the 5th edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY resource for zines and zine culture
  • 1 Stolen Sharpie Revolution printed Sharpie marker (similar to the photo above)
  • 1 red Stolen Sharpie Revolution t-shirt.
  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution stickers, button, postcard, and bookmark.

Most of that you can get for $50 reward level with the kickstarter so here’s what we are going to add for the tumblr giveaway:

  • 1 Copy Scams - Copy & Destroy 10” record with zine and digital download code that includes the album plus a live recording from Leeds, UK. Copy Scams are an all zine themed pop-punk band with members from 3 different countries.
  • a bunch of the most recent issues of my zine, Brainscan: 29, 30, 31, and my 24 hour zine about traveling cheaply
  • $30 gift certificate to the Portland Button Works website, brick and mortar shop, or Etsy site! The gift certificate is good for zines, books, cards, button designs from our catalog or custom items from button to magnets to bottle openers.
  • probably some other stuff I have around here.

So, here’s what you gotta do:

  • Like and reblog this post
  • You don’t need to be following me or stolensharpierevolution, but it would be nice.
  • Have your ask box open
  • No giveaway blogs!
  • And for the love of everything good, please make, read, or be interested in zines. It would make me very annoyed to send all this good stuff to someone who just wanted to get something free, ok? So, let the zine kids have some fun.


The kickstarter is scheduled to end on September 30th, but we project to reach our goal before then. The three winners will be contacted and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Q: Who is this giveaway open to? I don’t live in this US can I still enter?
  • A: Absolutely!
  • Q: I’ve backed or plan on backing your Stolen Sharpie Revolution Kickstater, why should I enter this contest?
  • A: By entering this contest you can get more cool stuff than with the kickstarter! Plus, you will have two copies of Stolen Sharpie Revolution so maybe you can trick a friend into starting their own zine. Also, you’ll be doing a little promo for me and I’d appreciate it.
  • Q: Why should I back the Stolen Sharpie Revolution Kickstarter if I can just reblog this post?
  • A: Are you going to leave this up to a random number generator? Really? Don’t you want to be on the first to get a copy of the new SSR? Otherwise you are just going to have to wait until November to get a copy.
  • Q: What’s a zine?
  • A: A zine is a physically printed and independently made publication. They can be about anything you would like: travel stories, photos, personal stories, fiction, political ideologies, music reviews, gardening tips, comics, and more! Not only are zines physically printed items, they are part of a whole community of people that celebrates the tangible written word.

Help fund this kickstarter by pre-ordering a book or, get yourself a fun reward.

G O O D   L U C K!

"This is a brave zine. This is a zine that makes me believe in the power of zines. This zine is powerful and raw and heartbreaking. You need to read this zine.

“Clocking in at an impressive 114 pages, Stacey-Marie traces the lines of her five-year relationship with her abusive, alcoholic partner. She includes snippets from her extensive journals she kept throughout their relationship, looking back at the early warning signs, detangling the web of deception and manipulation he spun around her, and detailing how she prepared herself to leave him. She writes a lot about the psychology and tactics of abuse as well as a great deal about alcoholism and its impact on alcoholics and those who love them. It is a complex, messy, horrifying, and powerful narrative, and one that I believe is essential reading. Don’t be scared off by the $10 price tag, it’s well-worth every cent."

KA at Portland Button Works reviews Phases of the Moon #5

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"That was the year, my twenty-eighth, when I was discovering that not all of the promises would be kept, that some things are in fact irrevocable and that it had counted after all, every evasion and every procrastination, every mistake, every word, all of it."

Joan Didion (via megmess)

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Photographer Stefanie Klavens’s new series scoured the nation for extant drive-in theaters.