Me: hey guess what our cats would be called if we lived in minnesota
C.: ?
Me: twin kitties
C.: where do cats go if they need to have a community meeting
Me: ?
C.: kitty hall
C.: murder mystery/////kitty confidential
Me: yesss
C.: sex and the kitty
Me: nice
C.: kitty slickers
C.: heh
C.: detroit rock kitty
C.: new jack kitty
C.: kitty kitty bang bang
Me: kitty lights
C.: austin kitty limits
Me: kitty of lost children
C.: good 1
C.: kitty of angels? boo
Me: sin kitty
Me: dark kitty!
C.: a tale of two kittys
C.: the town and the kitty
Me: i just want to laugh at things with you
C.: heyyyyyyyyyy
C.: ok