mylifeinmegabytes asked: Um, anytime I run into any dudebros are you call them on the sidewalk, they usually part like the red sea for me. All you got to be is confidant. Also sorry about the creepy dude, I would just pretend I was getting a call and be like "I got to take this"

Hi, I appreciate your encouragement but actually I think that all dudebros got to do is stop raping, stop molesting, stop abusing, stop assaulting, stop harassing, stop hassling, stop catcalling, stop groping, stop touching without permission, stop taking up space, stop yelling, stop talking, and stop breathing.

400blowjobs asked: Does being a shitty person or doing shitty stuff invalidate someone's accomplishments, in your opinion? Like in the cases of Jack Kerouac or MLK jr.?

Well, I don’t think it’s appropriate to draw a comparison in this case to a literary icon with a civil rights leader, since those are two very different types of “accomplishments.”

I don’t necessarily think it’s always terrible to like a piece of art that comes from a problematic source… I mean, I still have my copies of On the Road, Howl, Naked Lunch, etc. and I still (begrudgingly) enjoy passages from those works even if I think their authors are pieces of garbage. But I think it’s important to recognize when the source of a work is not actually the perfectly amazing genius nice guy they’re made out to be… What sickens me is that certain ~artists~ (e.g. the beats I was complaining about) can get away with being shitty people and still be lauded as “American heroes” and “creative geniuses” and “great guys” while the shitty things they’ve done are minimized or simply ignored. Meanwhile, oftentimes others (like women, PoC, people who aren’t straight white dudes) are also making great works but are often overpowered by the loudness and huge insistent presence of shittier people (which applies to probably most creative movements, “scenes,” etc.) I’m glad I wrote that little rant because I got a lot of suggestions for other things to read instead! I’d rather be reading good works by good people who maybe weren’t as popular or visible or well-publicized, than just getting angry about how the popular works I used to like were actually written by jerks…

But in short, I mean, does creating a ~Great Work~ invalidate being a shitty person?

Anonymous asked: accounting is for nerds

otherwhales replied to your photo: Honus Wagner (reprint by Duane Rieder)

have you been watching ken burns baseball documentary?

YES, it is amazing!

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Is it The Patriarchy when I’m walking home at night and some fratty bros are all, “HOW ‘BOUT THEM DAWGS” and even though I’m a like decade older than them and absolutely hate college football and everything it represents, all I can manage is a slight nervous laugh?

Thanks y’all for the responses re: my medication. Somehow I knew Tumblr would be more reliable/”realer” shit than asking WebMD et al. I’m actually already feeling better/less jittery and it was reassuring to hear that what I was experiencing was “normal”-ish. (Also a great help you guys because it’s $20 if I stay on the phone with my doctor for more than 5 minutes, heh.)

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Y’all, is it normal/a thing that can happen if you take a particular antidepressant for a few months (Zoloft) and it works wonderfully and has a calming effect and then you stop taking it for like a year and then when you get back on it and it makes you jittery and more anxious the second time around? It’s been about a week and the prescription cost a lot (for me) and I don’t want it to be a waste of money. Do I need to wait longer to get used to it/build up a tolerance again?

Sometimes I think that my Long-Term Romantic Partnership consists of 10% cutting up/making bad puns together and 90% intense discussions about Navigating What It Actually Means to Be in a Relationship.

I mean what are the ideal conversational proportions supposed to be?

iamthewoodpecker asked: Hey! Do you still live in Athens? I just moved here like a week ago & every thing you post seems awesome & I wanna meet people like the things you post & it's haaaarddd.

Hello! & thank you :) I do still live in Athens. I actually work a lot and don’t do things very often although my blog is carefully curated to make my life look more exciting. Sometimes I go to shows and many of them are at bars but some are all-ages and many of them are at houses! But it seems like most shows are solely advertised via Facebook depending on who-you-know :/ (try friending “Out in Athens” on FB for listings maybe?) Also sometimes I go swimming or visit ~nature~, like biking on the Greenway which is really beautiful. And sometimes we play softball (“Athens Softball” on FB) on weekends although the past few weekends have been way too hot to play.

Anyway I’m going to answer this publicly & hope that some of my local friends/readers can maybe offer more suggestions for things to do around town because sometimes I’m actually the worst at leaving my house…:3

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